The internet of what?

So what’s next for my business?? I’ve dedicated my life to turning an idea into a successful reality. I love what I do and how I make a difference to the world. But where do I go from here? How do I continue to impact the way people live their lives in the future. All I can see is change. It surrounds me and it’s happening so fast I don’t know if I can keep up. All this talk of electric and driverless vehicles, smart meters connected to smart cities, drones and robots advancing at such a rapid pace and changing the way industries work.

How do I fit in to this technology driven future? Cloud, Platforms, Ecosystems…what does it all mean?? How is all of this technology impacting me? How does it all fit together? How does it work? How do I become part of this evolution before I become extinct?

I need help! Is there anyone out there who can help me do good things??

I have all these assets, 1000’s of them, they’re everywhere. They hold so much valuable data and if I could connect to them they could provide so many benefits to my business and the community but what are my options? I can’t spend all my time and money exploring them. I know about Mobile Broadband and Wifi but what happened to 2G? I thought that would be around for ever….but it’s gone. So what will happen to 3G? Where does, or did, 4G fit in and what is 5G all about??

Even if I could access the data on all my assets, where would I store it? I know the cloud is there but how secure is it? Every day I read in the news of companies and individuals being “hacked” and all their data stolen or sold. How would I protect myself….. my customers and clients information?

I hear and read all the time about the Internet of Things. What is it? The Internet of What I ask??? Everyone I speak to seems to have a different view of what it is.

Is it data analytics for different devices? Is it devices controlling other devices?? Is it the ability to remotely connect to different devices or things and ask them to perform certain tasks. Is it none or all of these things and how do I get the Internet of Things to work for me?

If I’m going to transform, surely I will need to think about how my business works and the processes I will need to change to make this happen. Will I need to automate these processes somehow to be able to keep my costs down and my revenue up? How do you automate a business process?

Are governments going to change the way we work? Will new laws be introduced to make things safer? Do I need legal help to transact in a completely digital environment?

I have so many questions. I need to find someone out there who can help me find the answers before I become extinct.

I am committed to, and love, what I do. I know I do good things for my community and society….I’m strong and I will fight through this. I will find the right partner.

I will succeed!!


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